Wood Flooring

Pronunciation: /wʊd/
[MASS NOUN] The hard fibrous material that forms the main substance of the trunk or branches of a tree or shrub, used for fuel or timber: a block of wood.
[COUNT NOUN]: best quality woods were used for flooring.

Wood Brands

First Class Flooring can supply and fit solid wooden flooring from a wide range of manufacturers including: Barlinek, Castello, Compact, Imperio, Junckers, Kahrs, Natura, Palazzo, Variano and Villa.

Area Covered

First Class Flooring supplies and fits solid wood floors within a thirty mile radius of Guildford. This includes the following locations: Guildford, Shalford, Bramley, Chilworth, Merrow, Compton, Godalming, Wonersh, Albury, East Clandon, Gomshall, Normandy, Puttenham, Shere, West Clandon, Milford, Pirbright, Send, Sendmarsh, Worplesdon, Brookwood, East Horsley, Hascombe, Horsley, Peper Harow, Pyrford, West Horsley, Witley, Ash Vale, Cranleigh, Elstead, Hambledon, Holmbury, Holmbury St Mary, Horsell, Lashenden, Ockham, Seale, Tongham, Wisley, Woking, Abinger, Chiddingfold, Chobham, Dunsfold, Effingham, Ewhurst, Farnborough, Mytchett, Aldershot, Farnham and more.

First Class Flooring - Wood

Solid wood floors are the first word in luxurious, premium flooring. They’ve come to be synonymous with elegance, quality and durability and are a true asset to any home. Built to last, solid wood floors are exactly what they say, planks of 100% beautifully pure wood. You can sand down and re-stain solid wood floors multiple times over the years, and because they’re so hard wearing they’re suitable for even the busiest of rooms.

Solid Wood Floor

Crafted from a single piece of timber, solid wood floors are the epitome of traditional flooring, offering a look and feel that is simply unmatched by any other. Solid wood flooring offers your home true elegance and is the perfect choice for those wanting the very best in wood flooring. If regularly maintained and refinished, solid wood can last a lifetime and it is best to have professionally installed.

Solid wood flooring is a popular type of hardwood flooring made from one piece of hardwood timber such as Oak or Walnut. Also referred to as real wood flooring, it has been around for years and is extremely popular in domestic and commercial properties. Each floor board is cut to a specified dimension and treated to ensure an extra long lifespan and service life. Because only 100% wood is used in the construction process of the floor, solid wood flooring enjoys a reputation of been especially strong and able to cope with many years of foot traffic. The wood and core of the floor is made from solid wood which is considered extremely strong, durable and importantly sourced from sustainable forests. These are managed forests where trees are replenished as opposed to exotic woods that are sometimes endangered.

Solid wood flooring can be made of many natural woods including, oak, birch, bamboo, mahogany, teak, pine and more.

Solid wood flooring looks impressive

There are a variety of shades available ranging from light through dark.

There are many possible finishes including lacquered, oiled, brushed and lacquered, brushed and oiled and, of course, natural.

Advantages of Solid Wood Flooring

1. Solid wooden floors are long lasting, easy to maintain and provide a natural look to your room.

2. Solid wood flooring are considered stable, strong and known to last more than 100 years if cared for. The process of wood flooring maintenance is easy and mainly revolves around keeping the floor clean.

3. Their complete wood construction means that you will be able to sand, refinish or re-coat each floorboard several times thereby increasing its serviceable potential. This is only possible due to the sheer amount of real wood used.

4. Due to the use of tongue and grooves profile with micro bevel finish, no visible gaps will appear once the floor has been fitted.

If you are unable to find the precise finish or shade of floor we also offer bespoke wood flooring service which is affordable and quick as well as a wide range of engineered floors.

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First Class Flooring - Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring are a type of hardwood flooring constructed from a three layer core of wood together with plywood and a top layer of hardwood veneer. The core of the floor comes from Oak and Walnut, which are considered the most durable and strong wood species. Floor Construction In total three layers of strong real wood, either Oak or Walnut (layer 1) are glued together with Playwood (layer 2) and hardwood veneer (layer 3). The resulting floor is called engineered wood flooring. The very top layer of real wood gives the floor that unique wooden look, which is then finished in a wide range of coating, from oiled to smoked. Oak and Walnut are extremely strong and their use in wood flooring helps guarantee long service life. These woods are also sourced from sustainable forests where trees are replenished as opposed to exotic woods.

Engineered Wood Floor

Engineered wood floors have totally revolutionised the world of real wood flooring. They consist of cross ply layers glued one on top of each other, with a top layer of beautifully veneered wood providing the final touch. They look just like solid wood floors, but thanks to their creative construction they’re more stable, more durable and friendlier to your budget! They feature a variety of different locking systems which make them really simple to lay.

Engineered wood flooring looks just like solid wood but is more stable, durable and budget friendly.

Advantages of Engineered Wood Flooring

1. Engineered wood flooring have been designed to provide greater stability and particularly where moisture or heat pose problems for solid flooring. All woods have a natural property to react to temperature changes under some degree of hot, cold or humid conditions, making the wood expand or shrink. This type of floor will not react in such a way.

2. Easy to install using floating method that makes fitting quick and cost effective. The floor can be fitted in minutes on any number of sub-floors, including underfloor hearing. Traditional fitting methods could also be used.

3. There will be no visible gaps once the floor is fitted due to the use of tongue and grooves profile with micro bevel finish.

4. Depending on the thickness of the top layer (1), the floor can be sanded and re-sanded on average between three to six applications. The process of sanding will greatly extend the usable life span of the floor. If you are unable to find the precise finish or shade of floor we, offer bespoke wood flooring service which is affordable and quick as well as a wide range of solid flooring.

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